Getting started with Go — Continued

import "fmt"
import "time"
import (
var (name stringage intaddress stringmarried bool)
package main import "fmt"const (
name string = "Matthew"
func main(){
func HelloWorld(){fmt.Println("hello, world!")
  • Notice the capitalisation of the function name, this means that the function is exported, this is similar to the premise of public and private methods. If the variable / function starts with a lower case, then it is a private method and can only be used in that package. However, if it is a capitalised name, like HelloWorld, we can use this else where.
func incrementByOne(number int){    number += 1    fmt.Println(number)}
func incrementByOne(number int) int{    number += 1    return number}
func incrementByOne(number, test int) (int, int) {    number += 1    return number, test}



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Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd

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