Getting started with Go — Switch Statements

switch condition {case answer:   //do somethingdefault:}
switch time.Now().Day() {case 0:fmt.Println("Monday")case 1:fmt.Println("Tuesday")case 2:fmt.Println("Wednesday")case 3:fmt.Println("Thursday")case 4:fmt.Println("Friday")case 5, 6:fmt.Println("Weekend!!")}
answer := 15switch {case answer%5 == 0:fmt.Println("It is divisible by 5")fallthroughcase answer%3 == 0:fmt.Println("It is divisible by 3")default:fmt.Println("The answer is neither divisible by 5 or 3")}
It is divisible by 5
It is divisible by 3



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Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd

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