[Leet Code] Maximum Number of Words Found in Sentences

Input: sentences = ["alice and bob love leetcode", "i think so too", "this is great thanks very much"]
Output: 6
- The first sentence, "alice and bob love leetcode", has 5 words in total.
- The second sentence, "i think so too", has 4 words in total.
- The third sentence, "this is great thanks very much", has 6 words in total.
Thus, the maximum number of words in a single sentence comes from the third sentence, which has 6 words.
Input: sentences = ["please wait", "continue to fight", "continue to win"]
Output: 3
Explanation: It is possible that multiple sentences contain the same number of words.
In this example, the second and third sentences (underlined) have the same number of words.
  • 1 <= sentences.length <= 100
  • 1 <= sentences[i].length <= 100
  • sentences[i] consists only of lowercase English letters and ' ' only.
  • sentences[i] does not have leading or trailing spaces.
  • All the words in sentences[i] are separated by a single space.
func mostWordsFound(sentences []string) int {
max := 0
for word := range sentences{
if len(strings.Split(sentences[word], " ")) > max{
max = len(strings.Split(sentences[word], " "))

return max




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