[Leet Code] Unique Morse Code Words

Input: words = ["gin", "zen", "gig", "msg"]
Output: 2
The transformation of each word is:
"gin" -> "--...-."
"zen" -> "--...-."
"gig" -> "--...--."
"msg" -> "--...--."
There are 2 different transformations, "--...-." and "--...--.".
class Solution(object):
def uniqueMorseRepresentations(self, words):
:type words: List[str]
:rtype: int
alphabet = [".-","-...","-.-.","-..",".","..-.","--.","....","..",".---","-.-",".-..","--","-.","---",".--.","--.-",".-.","...","-","..-","...-",".--","-..-","-.--","--.."]
answer = {}
for i in words:
string = ""
for j in i:
string = string + alphabet[ord(j) - 97]
answer[string] = 1
return len(answer)




Learning, and posting my findings!

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Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd

Learning, and posting my findings!

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