Results of posting regularly on Medium for 1 Month!

Like the title says, I wanted to post regularly (open to interpretation) on Medium for 1 month to see what the results would be. This is partially influenced by the fact that most content creation websites i.e. Youtube, Google SEO, etc. all work better if you’re consistently posting articles, and I wanted to see if the same was true for Medium, and how my own posts would fit that narrative.

So I started to post on 22nd September 2020. My first article was Logical Volume Partitions vs Partitions — giving the pros and cons on each with some practical examples of how to use LVMs. (Logical Volume Manager vs Partitions). As well as on that same day, I posted my article about getting an invite to Google’s secret hiring coding challenge: My Invitation to Google Foobar!

As you can see from the stats, I got a grand total of 1 view. Then on the 27th of September, I got 2 views! So not off to a great start!

My next article came on the 2nd October, so a little bit later, and it was around a Reddit bot: Creating a simple Reddit Bot! and again, after getting the taste for that article, I posted another one a few minutes later, Understanding Reverse SSH and again! JWT — JSON Web Tokens Three articles in one day! That’s got to get some views!

Nope! As you can see, not much progress on the viewership of these articles.

I then took a small break again, after three articles 😅. I would get maximum one view per day. Then I posted my next article on 7th October, titled [LAMP] Creating a simple website. I know that this subject is a little less niche and applies to more people as there’s a good audience for creating websites, especially for beginners. Then a day later, I decided to put out another article, which was a little more niche around Asymmetric Encryption Explained + Examples! On October 9th, I had my best day of views:

I’m pretty sure that at the time, the majority of views were actually made up of the asymmetric encryption explanation. Perhaps more people are interested in reading Medium articles on cryptography!

From there, I started to post more daily on a range of topics from SSL Explain + Examples [CertBot], SoftHSM Simple Starting Commands all the way to Creating a Systemd service. Then I started to notice that my views were increasing, and it wasn’t just on my stories that I had put out that day, it was previous stories were starting to gain traction.

I ended up getting more and more views, and my approximate total for the month was around 350 views. However, my read ratio was terrible, out of the circa 350 views, I had around 37 reads. Just over 10%. I’ve no idea how this compares to other people, I would love to hear some response on your engagement. Also have people found that certain tags are working better for them as they’re more searched for topics? Perhaps I should focus my niche instead of spreading it over many topics!



Learning, and posting my findings!

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